Dulcimer Construction

Dulcimer Construction
Follow the step by step instructions for putting together the Dulcimer Kit.


Completed Dulcimer
Dulcimer Kit Parts
Three Tuning Pegs
The Bridge and Nut
Three End Pins
Six Screws for Pegs
Three Strings
Cardboard for box.
Fret Board
Step 1: Place tuning pegs.
Third Peg on other side
The bridge placement
Slope of Nut
Mounting of Bridge
Mounting of Nut
Tools needs for construction
Use nail to tap holes for pegs
Screw pegs down
Mount both screws
Screw down both pegs
Screw down other peg.
Poke out heart shaped tabs
Cardboard with holes punched
Fold along creases
Fold and bend tops together
Fold and tuck ends
Fold other end
Use rubber bands to hold box
Gather something to use as weight.
Push in end pins
Insert all three end pins
Glue inner tab to top
Smooth glue evenly to surfaces
Glue other end
Smooth glue over surfaces
Place weight to hold box
Run glue along backside of fretboard.
Place glue along center so it won't show.
Spread blue evenly on fretboard
Glue from bridge to nut
Carefully center fretoboard.
Place weights to hold contact.