Playing the Dulcimer

The songs below have been chosen to help you begin to learn to play the dulcimer.
This clip let's you hear the pitch of each dulcimer string
How to String the dulcimer
Hot Cross Buns
First Song for learning melody.
Twinkle, Twinkle
Second song for learning melody.
He's Got the Whol...
First song for learning to chord.
Yellow Submarine
Second song for learning to chord.
Lemon Tree
Third song for learning to chord.
Counting Song
Song for practicing melody and strumming together.
Shorten' Bread
Next song for putting melody together with a strum.
Polly Wolly Doodle
Two chord song to practice chord changes.
Skip to My Lou
Two chord song for further practice.
Old MacDonald
How to Play the melody.
London Bridge Chords
How to Chord.
Lond Bridge Melody
How to play the melody.
London Bridge Duet
How to play a duet
Ten Little Monkeys
How to chord the song.
Mary Had a Little...
Melody to Mary Had Little Lamb.
Mary's Little Lam...
Playing Mary Had a Little Lamb as a Duet.
The chord progression for Clementine.
Chord progression for Looby Loo.
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Shows how to play the melody for Go Tell Aunt Rhody.
Chord Aunt Rhody
Shows how to chord the song Go Tell Aunt Rhody.
Aunt Rhody Duet
Shows all parts to a duet for Go Tell Aunt Rhody.
Hush Little Baby
How to Chord Hush Little Baby
Water Come to Me Eye
How to Chord Water Come to Me Eye
Eensy Weensy Spider
How to chord Eensy Weensy Spider
Wildwood Flower
Melody for Wildwood Flower.
Chording Today.
Flowers Gone
Chording Where Have All The Flowers Gone.
Chording Lollipop
26 Miles
Chording 26 Miles Across the Sea
I Love the Mountains
Chording I Love the Mountains.
Happy Birthday
Chording Happy Birthday.
Twinkle Duet
Chording Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Shorten' Bread Duet
Chording Shorten' Bread.
MacDonald Duet
Chording Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
Chariot's a Comin
Melody for Chariot's a Comin
Chariot's Duet
Duet with harmony for Chariot's a Comin
Wildwood strum
How to strum Wildwood Flower
Chariot's Strum
How to Strum Chariot's a Comin.
Aunt Rhody Strum
How to strum Go Tell Aunt Rhody
London Bridge Strum
How to Strum London Bridge
MacDonald Strum
How to Strum Old MacDonald
Mary Had Strum
How to strum Mary Had a Little Lamb
Shorten' Strum
How to strum Shorten' Bread
Twinkle Strum
How to strum Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Hot Cross Strum
How to strum Hot Cross Buns.
How to Strum
How to strum the basic strum.
Silent NIght
Chording Silent Night
Jingle Bells
Chording Jingle Bells
Good King Wenceslas
Playing Good King Wenceslas.